AGROAD e-shop

  • In our e-shop you will find a wide range of spare parts for ZETOR tractors, TZ4K-14, TZ4K-10, MT8.132, MT8.050, MT8.150 small tractors and TATRA, AVIA and LIAZ trucks.
  • We help everyone who works in the fields, in the woods, meadows or vineyards to gain access to quality and affordable spare parts.
  • We place great emphasis on quality customer service. We handle your telephone inquiries on weekdays from 7:30 to 16:00PM. You can send email inquiries NONSTOP.
  • We offer original parts from Czech suppliers as well as high quality parts from foreign suppliers.
  • We stand behind the quality of our parts and offer a 2-year warranty on all parts purchased in our company.
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